Leadership is tough, and business development is a challenge as well.
Don't go it alone.  We can help.
Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.
Flourishing Leaders is the perfect place to begin!
Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.
Our Flourishing Leaders is the perfect place to begin!
We know that you want to rise to a new level of leadership and be the leader you know you are called to be.
Flourishing Leaders - quality training with real leaders
The problem is that it’s hard to know where to turn to for quality training with real leaders.
Do you want to elevate your leadership and business development skills?

Do you want to get to the next level in terms of empowering others and supporting their growth?

Do you want more growth in your business and leadership capacity?

Do you want deeper growth in business knowledge and leadership?

Let’s get to the next level...

Expand your mindset, enhance your performance, execute on your goals.

Let’s maximize your emotional and social intellect to produce impeccable leadership and business outcomes.

Got your attention? We got this.
Leadership shouldn’t be complicated.
Business development shouldn't be either.
We understand how overwhelming it can be...
Flourishing Leaders is passionate about supporting you to BE, DO and HAVE incredible, outstanding results both in your life and business.
We believe that by focusing on the Essential Elements of Leadership Mastery, and the Critical Success Factors for Business Development, and in taking aligned action, with a community for support, you will become the best version of yourself, with results to show for it.

The truth is, knowledge is NOT power.

The real power lies in the APPLICATION and INTEGRATION of these concepts in your life.

The true power is having a community of like-minded, high achievers who are keeping each other inspired, uplifted, motivated and accountable to their actions so that together, we are co-creating epic results in our lives and business.
Flourishing Leaders - is passionate about supporting you to BE
Flourishing Leaders - You see yourself as a global leader
Who is Flourishing Leaders for?
You see yourself as a global leader.

You want to live without apologies or regrets.

You are a heart-driven and mission-oriented person wanting to change the world through deep impact & influence.

You create teams and community that uplifts, inspires and takes aligned action towards big dreams.
Flourishing Leaders Membership focuses on leadership and business development, with an emphasis on
Supporting high performance, a growth mindset, and maximizing emotional and social intelligence to produce better leadership and business outcomes.
Our focus?
The 10 Essential Elements of Leadership Mastery™
and authentic conversations around what it takes to thrive as diverse leaders in the here and now.
A Monthly Webinar and Group Coaching Call
With 2 Main Points of Focus:
The 10 Elements of Leadership Mastery
Group Coaching, Masterminding and “Hot Seat”
Branding, Marketing and Sales
Group Discussion, Masterminding and “Hot Seat”
Format For Monthly Session
– Total 90 Minutes:

1. Facilitator-Led Teaching on Leadership

– 15 minutes

2. Group Discussion, Masterminding and “Hot Seat”

– 30 minutes

3. Facilitator-Led Teaching on Business Development

– 15 minutes

4. Group Discussion, Masterminding and “Hot Seat”

– 30 minutes
Flourishing Leaders - The 10 Essential Elements of Leadership Mastery
The 10 Essential Elements of Leadership Mastery:
  • The Personal Element – Beyond IQ and EQ to SQ and CQ 
  • The Power Element – Core Orientation of Service
  • ​The Proper Fit Element – Personal and Cultural Congruence 
  • ​The Purpose Element – Clarity and Focus 
  • ​The Passion Element – Alignment with Appetite
  • ​The People Element – Emotional Intelligence
  • ​The Partnering Element – Social Intelligence 
  • ​The Progressive Element – Creativity and Innovation 
  • ​The Production Element – Strategy and Execution
  • ​The Public Communication Element – Public Relations and Messaging 
If you’re ready to say YES
to the leader in you,
sign up here
Flourishing Leaders - Abe Brown, MBA
Abe Brown, MBA
Facilitator, Flourishing Leaders
Flourishing Leaders - Rosalyn Fung
Rosalyn Fung
Facilitator, Flourishing Leaders
Flourishing Leaders - Yomi Angela Marcus
Yomi Angela Marcus
Facilitator, Flourishing Leaders
What they say about Abe
“After six sessions with Abe Brown, I successfully launched the business I had been “talking about” starting for the last five years. After just six coaching sessions, I had a clearly defined Mission and Vision Statement that were aligned with my personal goals and values. After establishing attainable benchmarks and deadlines, we worked on meeting these goals which included designing and ordering business cards, designing and launching a website, and attracting my first clients. Abe’s coaching style is one of encouragement and appropriate challenges, with the clear view to moving you towards the goal you have established for yourself. I would highly recommend Abe Brown as a Personal Coach to anyone who is serious about moving their life forward towards any type of personal goal.”
 - Lori F.
“Abe Brown is an excellent facilitator. He was on track with his topics and timing and was well prepared to answer any and all questions… He is well educated, motivated, and very easy to understand and follow. His energy and confidence in his topic, himself, radiated through the room infecting all participants. He filled the room with a positive learning environment and also drew us all out of ourselves and also taught us to step “outside the box” and take that “leap of faith”… He is very infectious… Abe has the ability to infect you with his honesty, his enthusiasm, his knowledge without the let-down in the end… The time with Abe impacted my life tremendously as my self-esteem was at a low due to several years of “high stress” personal situations. I came away from this seminar feeling good about myself, empowered, and having restored faith in my abilities to help others, as I have always done in the past. I came away with new information, new technology info., new methods of working… Thank you Abe, for giving me my life back.”
- Pam
“What can I say about Abe Brown other than WOW! When I first met Abe in person more than a year ago, I felt his presence in the room before I was actually introduced to him. Through his training and his book, Getting Where You Need to Go, I was inspired to write my first book and Abe not only simplified a process that I had made much more complicated than necessary but his enthusiasm and wisdom empowered me to KNOW my book would become a reality! Abe motivates my coaching team and many other professionals that I know personally and he does so with his dazzling smile, a single profound sentence and of course through his powerful coaching, leadership training, his amazing books and public speaking. His passion for life, his family and his work exudes through what seems an effortless talent to lift others up so that they can reach for their dreams and become their very best! If you want to challenge yourself or your team to reach for greatness, Abe Brown is your man!”
- Dana H.
What they say about Rosalyn
Having a safe and supported space for the inner critic to express itself is paramount when up leveling one’s business. Rosalyn’s style of coaching allowed me to hear my own words of fear, doubt, and immobility and help shift them to be words of confidence, clarity, and belief in my abilities. The way Rosalyn gently led me through the maze that I had created of ignoring and even suppressing challenges was such an appreciated light. She has this awareness and ability to help clear away what’s holding people back even without knowing the details. She has magic powers of coaching behind the scenes as well as in the spotlight.
It became easy to grow my business because Rosalyn helped me to improve the communication I had with myself.
 - Lisa B.
Working with Rosalyn has been one of the most empowering experiences.
Rosalyn supported me to have more clarity about myself and stand more into my personal power. She helped me remove blocks to having an abundant mindset.
Her ability to see a vision for you and your business is beautiful as she is able to see more than what you can see.
Working with Rosalyn was more than I expected as I grew exponentially in my spiritual journey as a spiritual medium. She supported me to embrace myself , “come out the closet” and be unapologetic with showing up.
I also thoroughly enjoy her powerful light language as it healed aspects of my mind regarding the belief of “Lack “. She is quite spiritually powerful and I love how she integrates spirituality with a practical approach to building a conscious business. She radiates joy and abundance in such a Powerful way and she always raised my vibration with ease.
I highly recommend working with Rosalyn.
- Oluchi N.
I don’t even know where to begin… In the past 4 months of working with Roz, both 1:1 and in her client attraction academy, she has supported me in taking my GIANT soul mission online to create a digital business that allowed me to leave my full time job and actually land 3 soulmate clients this week when other business were shutting down!
★She helped me distill my vision with blinding clarity, and create my Joyful Alchemy signature system so I can support visionary leaders of tomorrow activate their spiritual superpowers to be the light this world needs! I am now booked as a speaker, mentor, and soon to be author, with so many more amazing projects on the horizon. I’ve also learned how to connect with my soulmate clients with ease, just by showing up as ME!
- Aurora L.
What they say about Yomi
"Before working with Yomi I was unclear on how to move past my obstacle. While working with her, I received support to clear the obstacles. As a result, I made a commitment to take the next step in moving forward. My advice for those thinking of working with Yomi is to JUST DO IT! You’ll get all the support you need." 
 - Malisa. Toronto, Canada
"I had an idea of a goal that I wanted, but didn't know how to go about it. Yomi gave me direction. It also put my mind at ease knowing that I could ask questions and get help when I needed it. The best part is that not only does she encourages you to be your best self and reach your goals, but also encourages you to celebrate yourself through self-care and self-acceptance. I always felt so positive and motivated to keep going after every call!" 
- Rachel. Calgary, Canada 
"Working with Yomi helped me uncover how strong I really am. She pushed me to limits I ordinarily wouldn't go to. I was able to take the drive from our sessions to push myself through my limiting beliefs. The support I receive between sessions was amazing and kept me grounded and focused on my goals through the week." 
- Tobi. Toronto, Canada 
Flourishing Leaders - Abe Brown, MBA
Abe Brown, MBA
Facilitator, Flourishing Leaders
Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is the Coach’s Coach, and is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach. He is the founder of the Flourishing Life Coaching Program™, the CEO of Wellness Innovate Corp, and the CEO of Momentum Coaching.

Abe is people-first, and is focused on supporting people, relationships, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits to thrive. Flourishing people produce flourishing relationships, businesses, and workplaces, along with high performance and profound positive impact. Abe is also passionate about workplace mental health and changing the world by changing the workplace. Along with the team at Wellness Innovate, Abe is the creator of Flourishing Workplaces™.

Abe has started or led several businesses and non-profits into the tens of millions of dollars, and has worked in the entrepreneur space, the corporate space, and the non-profit space at Senior Executive levels. As past President of one of the largest Life & Executive Coach Training and Certification organizations in the world for 13 years, Abe trained and certified thousands of Life Coaches and Executive Coaches in North America and around the world. Abe is focused on coaching leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs towards high-performance, resilience, and over-the-top results in both life and business. Abe has also been a professional speaker for over two decades, has spoken professionally in 4 continents and over 20 countries around the world, and has spoke to audiences of tens of thousands.

Abe earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business, and a Master’s in Religious Education and Counselling.
Flourishing Leaders - Rosalyn Fung
Rosalyn Fung
Facilitator, Flourishing Leaders
Rosalyn is An Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach Specializing In Client Attraction And Soulful Sales. She Is An International Speaker & 2x Best-selling Author, Mastermind And Workshop Facilitator On Topics Of Self-love, Mastering Your Energy, Money Mindset & Attraction Marketing Through Speaking And Leveraging Social Media. Rosalyn Is Host And Catalyst Of Her Live Radio Show turned Podcast: Activate Your Soulgasmic Business. Her podcast ranks in the top 10% most popular globally!

She Is A Co-author Of The International Best-selling Books “What’s Self-love Got To Do With It?” and “Business, Life & Universe”. Rosalyn Has Been Featured In Huffington Post, CBC Radio, And Has Spoken For Fearless Woman Summit, This Woman Means Business And Harvard University.

As a Former Psychologist Of Over 10 Years, A 2nd Degree Blackbelt In Karate, A Reiki Master, and an Akashic Records Soul Coach, she combines The Power Of Neuroscience, Psychology And Spirituality To Help You Get Out Of Your Own Way, Unapologetically Show Up And Activate Your Soulgasmic Business In A Fun, Bold And Sexy Way. Let’s Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients And Monetize On Your Calling!

Flourishing Leaders - Yomi Angela Marcus
Yomi Angela Marcus
Facilitator, Flourishing Leaders
Yomi is an author, and a Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Coach who is passionate about helping women release limiting beliefs, heal, develop positive habits, and create a healthy way of being that they love. Her goal is to hold space for women to fully embrace who they are, while nurturing a healthy mind and body so that they can finally feel free to impact their world.

Since her elementary school days, Yomi fell in love with understanding human behavior and cultivating creative self-expression. Yomi graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Psychology. She later studied to become a teacher and taught in elementary schools for years while training clients in her own fitness coaching business as a side hustle.

Yomi makes Toronto home today and works as a business analyst in the financial field for a major Canadian bank. She is a co-author of “Dear Time” – an International Book Awards Finalist, that explores the collective consciousness of time. Yomi is on the path to writing more books and articles that she hopes will help and motivate others. As a Certified Coaches Federation graduate, Yomi is excited and honored to serve the community as she continues to grow and develop her business. Yomi is also the founder of Be All Well, a space to share and discuss issues around physical fitness, mindset, healing, and self-care. At heart, Yomi is a healthy lifestyle advocate who believes everyone deserves to live their own unique happy-healthy fulfilling lifestyle that fits.

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