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- DAY 1 -
In this day, you will:
  • Find resilience even in the hardest moments, and push through to new levels of belief, trust, and confidence.
  • Go from impossible and stuck, to creating new possibilities for momentum and growth.
  • Learn the top habits that every successful high performance leader has.
  • ​TRANSFORM the way you show up to adversity and have tools to ignite your next level version of you.
- DAY 2 -
In this day, you will:
  • Discover how to clean up your mental mess and get rid of toxic thoughts holding you back with neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf.
  • Ignite the courage to release the leader inside of you.
  • Access the secrets to becoming a high performance person.
- DAY 3 -
In this day, you will:
  • Create deeper purpose in your life and impact the lives of others, with award-winning purposeful leadership and positive organizational development researcher, Dr. Zach Mercurio.
  • Create your dream life on your own terms, without apology.
  • Activate your inner bravery, own your uniqueness, and attract your community.
  • ​Lead with unwavering confidence in your home and business, and achieve results like having a more cohesive and collaborative environment, increase your bottom line and feel on Purpose.
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